Making the Most of Your Capitol Hill Visits

You may work for a Fortune 1000 corporation, an Inc. 500 business, or a large association. No matter the type of your organization, government plays a large role in what you can and cannot do. Your organizational success often hinges on your public policy efforts. And success inside the Beltway doesn’t come easy. In an effort to facilitate your next fly-in, check out the video below.

The Washington, D.C., fly-in represents a time-tested method for corporate employees and association members—be they CEOs, doctors, financial services experts, or carpenters—to persuade public officials.

Some organizations prepare their grassroots advocates flawlessly, with suits of armor like knights going into battle. Others, sadly, send them into competition on Capitol Hill with what amounts to cardboard swords and plastic shields.

Success in the public policy arena accrues to those government relations experts who provide their advocates with practical steps designed to improve performance during Washington fly-ins. Winning organizations and individual advocates are constantly on the lookout for ways to heighten their capabilities. Toward that end, ask yourself two questions of your fly-in efforts:

  1. Do I prepare my grassroots advocates adequately?
  2. What can I do to improve my organization’s efforts?

I strongly advise you to take a hard look at both questions, even if your response to query number one is “Yes.” No matter how proficient we may be at any task, we can always improve.

For a deeper look at the issue, download Ed’s position paper, “Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress: Navigating Your Next Washington Fly-in.”