How Media Training Can Help Grow a PR Agency

Greater client loyalty, competitive advantages in a tough marketplace, and budget-boosting service offerings. That’s the goal of successful public affairs and public relations agencies. Now they have a clear path to achieve all three goals.

Our new tip sheet shows how agencies benefit when they collaborate with an independent communications training consultant. “Grow Your Agency; Partner with a Media Training Consultant” provides real world advice that helps agency leaders build their businesses.

It’s not easy running an agency when you need to keep often-demanding clients happy, compete for employees, and balance the books. The new resource is intended to relieve some of the pressures on agency executives that build up day-by-day. We even provide language for media training proposals.

Flexibility is the key since agencies may need Barks’ media training expertise only once a month or once a year. They can use it on-call, only when need arises.

“Grow Your Agency; Partner with a Media Training Consultant” also advises how to fine tune messaging for clients, a weak point in certain agencies. Additionally, firms that collaborate with Barks can take advantage of a free “Lunch and Learn” course that strengthens professional development programs for their workers.

For mid-size agencies in particular, it’s important to get things right the first time. One error in judgement can prove fatal. Unlike the global conglomerates that can tap deep resources, smaller firms are often one bad decision away from shuttering the doors.