Strategic Communications and Your Business Risk

Your communications strategy and your message must be airtight when advocating in the court of public opinion. It’s risky business. How much risk is your business willing to assume? Your reputation, your business goals, and your career are at stake.

That’s why you deserve personal attention from Ed Barks. No sloughing off your program to junior account team staff. No risking your reputation with a group of nebulous “associates” you’ll never meet.

Ed works with you to determine what communications strengths you already possess, and which areas you need to sharpen. You receive a flexible communications strategy program that suits your precise needs. He does the heavy lifting—the strategy—freeing you to implement your plans. It’s what smart businesses do.

Is this approach right for your firm? Maybe so, if you see your company facing the following hurdles:

  • The CEO who is not satisfied with his company’s message development and delivery.
  • The C-suite leader trying to get his communications and government relations teams to play nice together.
  • The business that needs an unbiased point of view on where your communications risks and rewards lurk.
  • The corporate leader frustrated with getting his legal, finance, or marketing team to deliver a concise, consistent message.
  • The firm concerned with ramping up its professional development choices.
  • A technical expert who shies away from media interviews.
  • The executive with a high stakes speaking or media opportunity staring him in the face.
  • Businesses that confront challenges onboarding communications and government relations staffers.
  • Communications teams that tremble when trying to counsel the C-suite.
  • The government relations executive who needs to ramp up the performance of her advocates when they deal with policymakers.

Your path toward improvement may mean working with Ed once a week, once a month, or anything in between. In addition, you get telephone, videoconference, and email support as part of your communications strategy program.

And you receive his book, The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations, or his media guide, Face the Press with Confidence: The Media Interview Companion.

To determine whether we are a good fit for your particular situation, call Ed Barks today at (540) 955-0600 to schedule your complimentary 20-minute telephone consultation.