How to Deal with Q&A: Response Management

How do savvy business leaders deal with Q&A? Audiences, reporters, public officials…even direct reports…often pose tricky questions.

The reality is you will rarely get an unfiltered chance to state your case. Q&A is a fact of life, so you had best be prepared to respond in a way that advances your message.

There is hope. Techniques for managing Q&A, such as “bridging,” “deflections,” and “sneak peeks” can help. Yet relatively few executives are aware of these techniques. It opens entirely new vistas when they learn that there are ways to deal with questions on a message-driven basis.

Approaching Q&A in this manner benefits both the questioner and the leader being questioned. It gives your conversational partners the information they bargained for when they decided to attend your presentation, or gives the reporter the information she seeks from you. In addition, it demonstrates you have what it takes to handle the heat in the hottest kitchen. It serves to raise your professional profile, enhance your reputation, and help your business attain the goals you are working to achieve.

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