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I’m turning a new page in my blog, and invite you to check it out. Simply put, strategy comes before tactics.

Why the change? Communications training—teaching executives how to deal with reporters, speak in public, and testify on Capitol Hill been the focus of my consultancy for more than 20 years. Those services remain an important part of my portfolio.

Yet there has been something missing. During all of the training workshops I’ve led, strategy has played an important role. Unfortunately, that strategic vision often takes a back seat. No more. Thus, the course correction.

The overarching goal is to support senior communications and government relations executives who directly counsel their C-suite leaders with regard to their company’s communications and public policy strategy. That means future blog writings will examine primarily strategic topics such as these:

  • Fostering message development and discipline;
  • Persuading communications and government relations teams to play nice together;
  • Stiffening the spine of staffers who are sometimes hesitant when counseling their C-suite executives;
  • Onboarding new staff members.

The newly rechristened blog is now known as the C-suite Blueprint. This new slant parallels the re-angling of my business: A heightened focus on strategy as opposed to tactics. I’ve also been emphasizing this strategic approach during speaking engagements over the past several months, and am pleased to report the reception has been positive.

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I look forward to sharing thoughts with you in the C-suite Blueprint in a mutual effort to improve the communications abilities of your C-suite leaders and your business.

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