What Leaders Say About Barks

“What’s my reaction to an Ed Barks training? Two thumbs up! If you want to develop a strong message and learn how to communicate to your public, Ed gets rave reviews.”

— David J. Walsh, President/CEO, Amalgamated Life


“Ed Barks has worked with so many of my clients I’ve lost count. Without exception, he has won raves. Once a client accepts my recommendation of working with Ed, I can relax because I know they’ll be 100 percent satisfied.”

— Robin Snyder, former Senior Vice President/Director of Media Relations, Ketchum Public Relations


“Ed is a consummate professional who understands the importance of focus, clarity and presentation in the communication process.”

— Greg Melia, Chief Membership and Volunteer Relations Officer at ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership


“Ed is awesome! He’s a top notched media trainer with a super personality and high creativity. He engages his clients in a thoughtful and productive way. I have found that his services are always outstanding and would encourage others to use him for their needs.”

— David Weiskopf, Senior Director, Corporate Communications at Financial Engines


“Ed is a consummate professional who comes to the client extremely prepared, offering a custom approach for the client’s particular media and/or public speaking objectives. He zeroes in on the client’s specific problems, maximizes everyone’s time and is sensitive to individual needs, strengths and weaknesses to exceed expectations.”

— Lorelei Harloe, Principal, Ascend Communication


“Testifying on Capitol Hill can be a mystery to a lot of people. Ed has the special ability to clear away those mysteries. What’s more, he knows how to elicit peak performance at the witness table.”

— Bill McCartney, past President, National Association of Insurance Commissioners


“Ed has no idea how much he was able to sharpen my communication skills. To this day, I still use many of the concepts he taught during our media training sessions. His real world advice works well.”

— Craig L. Leonardi, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine


“Ed provided a very professional media training experience for us. He quickly became knowledgeable about the technical subject matter and provided clear, concise direction that was easy to understand, even with the varied experience level of the participants. His coaching style creates an atmosphere of openness that translates into enhanced learning.”

— Julie Adrian, Chandler Chicco Agency


“Ed has done plenty of research into the topic of how journalists and news sources should understand the rules of ‘off the record,’ ‘on background,’ ‘on deep background,’ etc. As a journalism professor, I have invited Ed to speak to my students on this, and he does excellent work engaging the students and making his points.”

— Gil Klein, Director, journalism program, Washington Semester Program at American University