Who Are Your Up and Coming Communications Superstars?

How deep is your company’s communications bench strength? Are you burning out your top media interview aces? Do you always send the same executive out for road shows? Is there only one C-suite denizen with the steel to testify before a Congressional committee?

Smart businesses continually nurture a team of spokespeople capable of covering a range of issues. That’s where our Spokesperson Minicamp comes into play.

The Minicamp is designed to help Fortune 1000 corporations, Inc. 500 businesses, and national and international associations identify and develop additional spokespeople capable of handling public speaking opportunities, reporter interviews, and public policy advocacy. Of equal importance, the program also charts a plan for their ongoing development.

Emerging issues, product launches, public policy initiatives, media campaigns, and retirements among senior executives are just a few of the events that trigger demand to continuously refresh the faces and voices that shape the public image of your company.

The challenge comes in successfully discovering who should fill those shoes. That’s the goal of Spokesperson Minicamp. It helps you find the cream of the potential spokesperson crop.

The Minicamp consists of a workshop for up to 12 individuals from a single organization—employees who may possess the talent and inclination to become great communicators. We put them through the paces of media interviews or presentations similar to what they would experience in the real world, with all exercises videotaped and critiqued.

Immediately following the workshop, we sit down for a candid meeting with senior management to confidentially review which candidates hold the most promise and which should be relegated to the bench.

Once your Super Bowl-bound spokespeople are identified, we build upon their Spokesperson Minicamp experience by mapping out a plan that provides them with a long-term professional development program—one that benefits both their career path and your business goals.

Build your team for the future. Reserve your Spokesperson Minicamp by contacting Ed Barks at (540) 955-0600.