Ed Barks works with communications executives to help your company reach your long-term business goals,
and with government relations executives to achieve your public policy targets.

See his latest book

Achieve your business and public policy goals

Enhance your reputation

Ed’s books have been endorsed by such luminaries as Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry, and Betsy Fischer Martin, Tim Russert’s Executive Producer on “Meet the Press.”

Fulfill business and public policy goals

Get Ed on your side. Don’t you deserve a custom designed, long-term strategy and training program that magnetizes your company’s messages and sharpens your skills? Learn more about Media Training, Public Speaking, and Advocacy.

Earn bottom line results

The Communications Community newsletter brings you no-nonsense advice on media relations, public speaking, and advocacy strategies.

A Note from Ed Barks

In my 20+ years in business, I’ve seen a lot — Fortune 1000 companies, Inc. 500 firms, and major associations that need to refine their messages and sharpen their executives’ communications skills.

That’s where I come in, working on extended engagements with senior communications and public affairs executives and other company spokespeople.

With pride, I dedicated nine years of service to the National Press Club Board of Governors.

I’ve also seen plenty of other consultants come and go, so figure I must be doing something right.

I invite you to get in touch, and look forward to our conversation.



The Truth About Public Speaking offers advice that aids speakers whether they plan to address the local United Way chapter or the United Nations.

I hope every reader will forward a clandestine copy to the CEO, the one who needs to understand the all-important role that strategic communications plays in managing a business or organization.


Communications Strategy, Media Training, and More

Communications Strategy, Media Training, and More

The last thing your reputation needs is a cookie cutter approach to media training. That’s a risky proposition for your bottom line and your career. That’s why Ed works closely with you to tailor a communications strategy that magnetizes your message and sharpens your skills.   Ed typically consults on

Introducing Ed-itorials

Introducing Ed-itorials

I’m inaugurating a new audio series called “Ed-itorials.” They will reveal how I think about the world of communications and public affairs — what’s good, what’s bad, and what needs to change. Granted, it’s a shift of direction. Most of the content I’ve produced until now — be it audio,

A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants

A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants

Choosing the right communications strategy and training consultant can prove daunting. Streamline your selection process by downloading the new seventh edition of A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants. Successful businesses prepare their spokespeople to face the press, public, and lawmakers by seeking expert outside counsel. This guide helps you

Ed’s Latest Book Benefits Media Spokespeople

Ed’s Latest Book Benefits Media Spokespeople

Readers are calling Ed’s new book “an AP Style guide for media relations.” Reporters Don’t Hate You “is media training on steroids written in a very easy-to-read and precise format,” raves another. Those are just some of the reactions to Reporters Don’t Hate You: 100+ Amazing Media Relations Strategies, published



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