A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants

Choosing the right communications strategy and training consultant can prove daunting. Streamline your selection process by downloading the new seventh edition of A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants.

Successful businesses prepare their spokespeople to face the press, public, and lawmakers by seeking expert outside counsel. This guide helps you make the right decisions.

Every company encounters challenges when it comes to media interviews, speeches, and Congressional outreach. A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants offers a road map to help you find the right fit for your situation.

This publication belongs in the library of every communicator in Fortune 1000 and Inc. 500 corporations as well as large associations. It helps you separate the experienced consultants from the unqualified generalists, and leads to a better informed decision as you seek to find the best match for your specific needs.

It covers such topics as:

  • Situations that dictate the need for a communications strategy consultant.
  • Choosing the individual who best fits your circumstances.
  • Why an open, ongoing dialogue with your consultant matters.
  • Budget issues to consider during your decision making process.

The guide also contains an appendix with questions to ask potential consultants. It helps you to determine:

  • Whether a consultant’s practice truly concentrates on communications strategy and training.
  • Their thought leadership proficiency, as evidenced by such things as the books and articles they have written.
  • The consultant’s ability to teach both message development and communications skills.
  • How they encourage sustained professional development as an integral part of each program.

A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Strategy Consultants also deals with such issues as your potential advisor’s ethics and why you should demand face-to-face communication throughout your engagement.