Congressional Testimony

You need more than the facts on your side when you deliver Congressional testimony. The same applies when you appear before your state legislature or the regulatory agency that oversees your industry.

Witness preparation and testimony training are mandatory. You need the power of persuasion—power capable of moving opinion leaders.

We show you how to magnetize your message and sharpen your delivery skills as you prepare for your Congressional hearings. Your testimony training program is custom crafted to fit your needs, complete with mock hearing. Your witnesses and your government relations team will master important skills:

  • Craft an attention-grabbing opening statement. Let others recite a litany of dry, legalistic facts when they testify. Your witness preparation injects your message with the power of persuasion.
  • Master the question and answer period. Learn how you can control the parry and thrust when you take on the role of expert witness.
  • Target the opinion leaders who really matter. We show you how to pinpoint the policymakers you need to persuade.

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