What Influencers Say About A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications

Former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry describes Ed Barks’ book as “nifty and fabulous.”

The legendary communicator is just one of the leading lights who’ve endorsed Ed’s latest work, A+ Strategies for C-Suite Communications: Turning Today’s Leaders into Tomorrow’s Influencers.

“In this nifty and fabulous volume, Ed Barks gives the corporate communicator tons of good advice on how to get that important ‘seat at the table’ and how to use it when there. Helpful to the communicator as it is, I hope every reader will forward a clandestine copy to the CEO, the one who needs to understand the all-important role that strategic communications plays in managing a business or organization, and how to manage relations with government officials, an increasingly vital element of external relations for any senior executive.”

— Mike McCurry was White House Press Secretary to President Bill Clinton
and is of counsel to Public Strategies Washington, Inc.

“How we consume, produce and yes, even influence news continues to change rapidly. As a leader in his field, Ed Barks has studied new methods of communication and brought C-suite communicators a present day playbook on how to help top executives thrive in an ever-changing information landscape.”

— Betsy Fischer Martin, Former Executive Producer of “Meet the Press”
and Principal, Fischer Martin Media

“The digital revolution has upended yesterday’s communication playbook. Today’s leaders know that despite new technology and tactics, there’s no substitute for a solid strategy. The best communicators serve as trusted advisors to the C-suite. Ed Barks’ latest book is full of winning strategies to help communicators – whether they partner with key leaders on the inside, or provide outside counsel as consultants – build trust and offer solid advice to executives. Ed doesn’t shirk from telling it like it is; he reminds us that a one-time training is no silver bullet. Through his well-organized approaches, and tools such as the ‘Five for the Future’ questions at the end of each chapter, Ed provides a common sense manual for today’s communicator. This wisdom will surely light the path for tomorrow’s influencers.”

Anthony Shop, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Social Driver,
Chairman, National Digital Roundtable

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