Introducing Ed-itorials

Opinions that get you thinking. That’s Ed’s goal with his new “Ed-itorial” series. These brief commentaries reveal how he thinks about the world of communications and public affairs — what’s good and what needs improvement.

Ed puts his experience as a former radio broadcaster to work in these audio productions. They examine how things work and, more important, why they work (or don’t) and how they can be enhanced or, if past the point of no return, why they deserve to be mothballed.

Each analysis is approximately one minute in length, just about right for a TV or radio editorial (remember when such things were a vital part of the broadcast world?).

Topics range from the nonsensical notion that a crisis is really an opportunity to the White House press corps’ camera hogging behavior to the vapidness of TED talks.

New productions are added regularly. Keep pace whenever you visit the Ed-itorial page.