Introducing Ed-itorials

I’m inaugurating a new audio series called “Ed-itorials.” They will reveal how I think about the world of communications and public affairs — what’s good, what’s bad, and what needs to change. Granted, it’s a shift of direction. Most of the content I’ve produced until now — be it audio, video, or written — has focused on strategy and tactics. For instance, how to deal with the media or what it takes to deliver a superior presentation.

This new series of Ed-itorials is opinion based. They will not so much examine how things work, but why they work (or don’t) and how they can be improved or, if past the point of no return, why they deserve to be demolished.

Ed-itorials dig into such topics as the silly notion that a crisis is really an opportunity, why I miss radio news, and why the bloviating from the White House press corps needs to cease.

These audio pieces are typically one minute or so in length, much like a radio or TV editorial would be.

You can check out the Ed-itorial roster here. New opinion pieces will be added frequently, so check back regularly. You can also keep pace with them on my LinkedIn page.

And what would an editorial be without an allowance for listener response? I encourage you to email me with your reactions, and to comment on LinkedIn when they appear there or on my Communications Strategy TV channel.