Make Your Next Full Text Speech Easier

Not long ago, I was involved in a LinkedIn discussion about full text speeches — the type where you read verbatim from a TelePrompTer or a hard copy script. Someone asked whether they were preferred over notes or bullet points.

Several people responded unequivocally that they would never recommend a full text speech. I chimed in with my belief that it depends on the situation. A formal talk in a large hall? Fine. A more interactive setting before a small group? No.

As with most things related to public speaking, it also depends on the speaker’s preferences and proclivities. If they are skilled at reading full text remarks (it does take a lot of practice to refine this talent), go for it. If they stumble or fear the format, find a more suitable method.

I recently put together an Insider Strategies brief on this very subject and posted it to the Research page here.

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Discover how you can make your life easier the next time you speak from a text.