The C-suite’s How-to Podcast Guide

Are you contemplating a podcast campaign featuring your COO? Podcasts may be a good option when you seek to get your message out to specific, segmented audiences. It’s narrowcasting as opposed to broadcasting. Try prepping your C-suite with these surefire techniques:

  • Reach out to producers at outlets that make sense for your issue.
  • Follow up with a succinct pitch for an interview. You can always provide more detail later if asked.
  • Give the producer your COO’s name and title, and leave your telephone number and email address as the contact person.
  • Familiarize yourself with the host and the audience. There are lots of newbies doing podcasts. Some are incisive questioners, others not.
  • Listen to the program beforehand. Download a sampling of podcast episodes for your COO to study.
  • Produce a mock podcast in your office in which your “host” peppers the “guest” with tough questions.
  • Forward background information that tells your story.
  • Submit a list of sample questions for the host. You will be pleasantly surprised how frequently these are used.
  • Confirm your booking 24 to 48 hours before air time.
  • After the fact, listen to the program with your COO. This provides an invaluable post-interview assessment opportunity.

Follow these recommendations the next time your C-suite appears on a podcast, then brace for success.


This post is adapted from “Podcast Preparation Possibilities,” originally published in the C-suite Blueprint blog.